Sunday 17th September – Newbury Park

Well, the harvests are mostly in so the Autumn must be upon us once again…….. After a few weeks break over the summer Hannington got together for their first rehearsal a couple of weeks ago. It was a mad panic to put together a program for the bandstand in Newbury Park. Fortunately the weather was kind and indeed became positively balmy by the end of the afternoon. We played to a small audience with more people strolling past throughout the afternoon. The usual treat of a half time cup of tea at the kiosk in the park helped things along!!

What a surprise it was to have not blown much over the Summer…. must start some secret practice I think!

Dare I say it……. thoughts are now turning towards the Christmas Season and dates are starting to appear for Carol sessions! Anyway enough of that, plenty of the year left yet!

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