June 2019: Hannington Fair – A great day out!

HS0Once again the weather was incredibly kind and the Hannington Fair was a roaring success. Hannington always put on a good day out with lots of stalls selling all sorts of wonderful food and drink, loads of ‘games’ to take part in and a huge number of displays in the main ring.

HS5The band had a wonderful location to play in between the two main areas of the Fair so there were lots of people passing by.

With lots of chairs to sit on the location made a great stopping off point for people to rest their legs and listen to the band for a while. The band actually played 3 sessions during the afternoon playing a huge range of music from film music such as The Greatest Show, through musicals and stage productions to Marches and plenty more.

HS4The fair was busy all afternoon and apart from one or two drops of rain (not enough to put on a coat or put up an umbrella!) the weather stayed warm and sunny all afternoon!