March 2020 – Band rehearsals cancelled until further notice

Sadly the events surrounding the Coronavirus have caught up with the band.

The band committee, with the full support of the band, has decided to cancel all rehearsals and engagements with immediate effect and until further notice. One band member looking on the bright side has already cheerfully pointed out, self-isolation will provide plenty of opportunities for lots of practice, so we should all be amazing musicians when we reconvene !

We will post a new message once the situation changes but in the meantime we hope you all remain sane and stay healthy!


2020 is well under way! Time we posted some news!!!

Its hard to believe the last update on this site was September 2019. Our facebook page tends to have more updates but we must make more of an effort to keep this site up to date!!

What has happened since September? Lots…………   Mostly Park jobs and Christmas events, Park jobs are always fun as long as the weather cooperates and the Christmas events mainly consist of caroling in various forms. That includes raising money for good causes by playing in public as well as attending the Silchester Methodist Carol Service and the Hannington Church Carol Service.

The last event for the band is always Christmas Eve in the village hall. We play carols for about an hour with the audience requesting and singing their favorite carols, then we pop over to the Vine for a quick pint and play a few more carols before heading off in our separate directions!!

Anyway 2020 has arrived…. We will aim to publish events as they become committed so people can come along and hear us play! The first event in the Diary is Sunday 10th May at Micheldever Station where they are holding a big celebration event to mark 180 years since the railway line opened.


15th September – Newbury Park Bandstand

3What a terrific concert. The band was on good form on what was yet another hot day. The band was surprised to see so many people in the park enjoying the music and the good weather. Perhaps this is one of the last hot days of the year and people were determined to make the most of it. Thanks to the players 2who helped us out!  1

June 2019: Hannington Fair – A great day out!

HS0Once again the weather was incredibly kind and the Hannington Fair was a roaring success. Hannington always put on a good day out with lots of stalls selling all sorts of wonderful food and drink, loads of ‘games’ to take part in and a huge number of displays in the main ring.

HS5The band had a wonderful location to play in between the two main areas of the Fair so there were lots of people passing by.

With lots of chairs to sit on the location made a great stopping off point for people to rest their legs and listen to the band for a while. The band actually played 3 sessions during the afternoon playing a huge range of music from film music such as The Greatest Show, through musicals and stage productions to Marches and plenty more.

HS4The fair was busy all afternoon and apart from one or two drops of rain (not enough to put on a coat or put up an umbrella!) the weather stayed warm and sunny all afternoon!